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epluno™ retro fits defective N95 masks,
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Simple & Secure by design

epluno™ streamlines uniform ordering—and helps schools and organizations earn money in the process. All behind our PCI compliance and secure communication between your customers and our servers by using industry best practices. 

A Complete Hassle-Free Solution

From the moment you sign up, epluno™ handles everything. You'll enjoy a completely hassle-free solution without the need to fuss over web hosting, payment processing, order fulfillment and customer service.

Customer Service Focused

Once you partner with epluno™, you can start to relax. We will assign a dedicated account manager to help answer questions, give advice, and manage the entire uniform, apparel and spiritwear process from start to finish. In addition to your dedicated account manager, our customer support partners are solely focused on assisting your families with order placement, questions or concerns. Need Bilingual Support? No problem, we've got you covered.

Save Time & Money 

Our e-commerce solution cost nothing to implement -- not only does epluno™ handle everything, there are absolutely no service fees, no administration fees and no web hosting fees of any kind, at any time.


A custom e-commerce solution that makes uniform ordering easy.

epluno™ does more than help schools and organizations buy uniforms and apparel. We simplify the ordering process for you at every step.

Built specifically for you.

Leave the back end to us. We’ll set up a customized online store—all you have to do is share the link in a newsletter, on your school’s website, or wherever else parents and administrators connect.

Wrong sizes, missing orders, technical issues?

Our customer service team handles returns, shipping, sizing, order tracking, and customer questions. We take on the responsibility —so you can focus on what really matters.

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Choosing a uniform program has never been easier.

When it comes to maintaining a uniform and apparel program, you have many choices. epluno™ makes it easy.

Step 1 - Tell us about your organization

Tell us about your school or organization, with our easy to use Project Planner. Don't worry, when you sign up there is no obligation.

Step 2 - Chat with Us

Once you're signed up, an epluno™ account manager will be in touch. We'll help you go over all of the details regarding pricing, uniform and apparel types and styles with the ultimate focus on customizing the solution to best support you and your families.

Step 3 - Select & Confirm

When you're ready to move forward, we’ll set up your customized online store just for you. The entire process, from initial consultation to uniform delivery, can take as few as 5 to 7 weeks.

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students, families & communities


a new kind of uniform and apparel solution

epluno™ is a full-service e-commerce company. 
We create online stores where schools can order uniforms and apparel items.

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absolutely No cost

No Fees. No Charges.

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So what's the catch?

epluno™ handles everything. We source and supply whatever items you need and provide you with the base price.  Then, we help you determine a retail price for your community to create a revenue stream, or leave it at base price to pass on the maximum amount of savings to your families. Each time a uniform is ordered, your school or organization can earn revenue to help fund whatever you need. At the end of every ordering period, we mail you a check. Did we mention, epluno™ handles everything?

Easy to use website
Order Fulfillment & Shipping
Customer Service & TECHNICAL support

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Earn Revenue, Effortlessly.

and put your uniform program to work

At a time when every revenue stream matters, epluno™ is an easy, efficient, and effortless way to earn money for your school or organization.

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epluno™ takes the hassle of uniform ordering off your hands.

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Who's epluno anyway?

e pl uribus un um

“out of many, one”

There are a tremendous amount of uniform resellers, suppliers and manufacturers in the market place; however, only one delivers all apparel, fundraising and uniform items to you direct from one platform, epluno™.

Schools are places for learning and growth. At epluno , our mission is to help schools succeed—through streamlining all of your apparel and uniform needs so you can focus on what really matters.

epluno's™ founders have been helping schools with e-commerce solutions for years. We’ve learned that what works for one school isn’t necessarily right for another. That’s why we created epluno™, and it’s also why we work hard to match our solution to each school’s exact specifications. Whatever your story, epluno™ has an ordering solution for you.

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